Pleated Blinds


Pleated Blind range provides true style and versatility. Pleated Blinds not only provide privacy, sun and light control, they look stunning in any setting from traditional through to easy living and ultra-modern.

Choose from a vast array of fade-resistant fabrics including pastels, neutrals and solid colours, in translucent through to opaque options.
Each fabric has a metallised backing to insulate your window against the heat of the summer sun, yet retaining warmth during the cold winter months. Metallised fabrics are made from 100% Polyester and are vacuum bonded with aluminium on the reverse side providing a consistent external appearance.

Combine the Transparent fabric with the Non Transparent in the Day/Night blind to provide night time privacy with day time versatility and UV protection.

All Pleated Blinds are heat set to retain a crisp, neat appearance and when fully raised form a tightly packed narrow stack.
Pleated Blinds can be used for a wide variety of window shapes and sizes including skylights, arched and triangular.