Roman Blinds


Roman blinds are raised fold by fold creating a soft layered effect at the top of the window. Simply close the blind for complete privacy at night or raise the blind to allow natural light into the room of the home or office.

Our Roman Blinds regularly manufactured from luxurious fabric which is lined with variety lining, it offers a clean-cut fashionable finish. Our Roman Blinds can aslo be made with aluminum extrusions which are upgraded Roman Blinds. No sewing which result to no stitch holes visible on blackout fabrics.


Product Variations

  • Blockout

    Blockout fabrics provide the ultimate privacy both day and night. Our blockout fabrics are available in range of monochromatic shades and contemporary textures.

  • Light Filtering

    Light Filtering fabrics provide medium to high levels of privacy, but do not provide complete blockout. Light filtering fabrics are available in a range of opacity's and textures providing a delicate filtered light.

  • Sunscreen

    Sunscreen fabrics provide good day time privacy, but low night time privacy. This factor, along with the specific openness factor of the sunscreen should be kept in mind when selecting a sunscreen product.