PVC Plantation Shutters

UV Resistant - Perfect for wet areas - Will not peel or crack - Superior insulation properties - Termite proof and fire retarded - 63mm or 89mm blades

Panel Glides

Perfect for large glazed areas, Panel Glide is ideally suited to modern home design and commercial applications. Panel Glide features flat panels of fabric attached to a simple head rail track system using roller-mounted carriers, light and easy to operate the fabric panels are drawn sideways using either a cord or wand operation.
We offer 3 different track systems with a choice of a variety of stacking configurations. Offering individual fabric panels up to 1200mm. Panel Glide system can be used as a stylish window covering or as a room divider.
The fabric panel overlap is 70mm to minimise the light gap for the fabric application, the spline method is used to ensure clean, straight lines with no fabric puckering. All panels feature a superior quality finish with welded pockets and no side hems.

Duo Roller Blinds

Duo Roller Blinds, another innovation in blinds, have been developed to mount two blinds on the one single unit. In other words, you can enjoy the pleasure of both a translucent sunscreen roller blind and a blackout roller blind on one window, without the space and installation concerns of two separate blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Windsor offers a huge range of Vertical blind fabrics both block out and light filtering, available in 89, 100 and 127mm slat size.
Our Vertical blinds are an ideal solution for blocking out light and providing privacy.
Being suitable for most windows and doors they are extremely versatile and cost effective.
Using only the highest quality of aluminium track designed to ensure equal spacing and smooth synchronized vane action with colour options to complement your colour choice.

Sheer Elegance

Sheer Elegance is the perfect solution to compliment shutters and venetians in areas where there is restricted fixing. We have an extensive range of this revolutionary new “roller blinds” that allows you to maintain your view whilst protecting your privacy with one single loop chain action, doing away with the dual blind option. Fabrics range from sheer to block-out, whites to blacks and linen to wood grain.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are raised fold by fold creating a soft layered effect at the top of the window. Simply close the blind for complete privacy at night or raise the blind to allow natural light into the room of the home or office.

Our Roman Blinds regularly manufactured from luxurious fabric which is lined with variety lining, it offer a clean-cut fashionable finish. Our Roman Blinds also can be made with aluminum extrusions which are upgraded Roman Blinds. No sewing which result to no stitch holes visible on blackout fabrics.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blind range provides true style and versatility. Pleated Blinds not only provide privacy, sun and light control, they look stunning in any setting from traditional through to easy living and ultra-modern.

Choose from a vast array of fade-resistant fabrics including pastels, neutrals and solid colours, in translucent through to opaque options.
Each fabric has a metallised backing to insulate your window against the heat of the summer sun, yet retaining warmth during the cold winter months. Metallised fabrics are made from 100% Polyester and are vacuum bonded with aluminium on the reverse side providing a consistent external appearance.

Combine the Transparent fabric with the Non Transparent in the Day/Night blind to provide night time privacy with day time versatility and UV protection.

All Pleated Blinds are heat set to retain a crisp, neat appearance and when fully raised form a tightly packed narrow stack.
Pleated Blinds can be used for a wide variety of window shapes and sizes including skylights, arched and triangular.

Cedar Venetians

Cedar Venetian blind will complement any room in the home with its natural good looks and timeless beauty. These venetian blinds are made from the highest quality western red cedar originating from North America where the wood is renowned for its rich grain and texture.
Our Cedar Venetian is available in 46mm slat size in a variety of attractive stain and paint finishes.

Blockout Roller Blinds

Practical, stylish and simple Sunblock Roller Blinds also known as Holland Blinds are the ideal window covering choice for any room with the advantage of 100% sun block fabric creating a high level of insulation and protection from harsh sunlight and damaging sunrays.

Basswood Plantation Timber Shutters

UV Resistant - Natural insulator - Great sound absorption - Great for large windows - Quality basswood timber used - Complete height & privacy control - 63mm, 89mm or 114mm blades

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen Roller Blinds are perfect for the Australian environment, it combine efficiency and functionality allowing enough amount of sunlight into a room whilst preserving the best view outside. The Roller Blinds also provide a comfortable temperature, filtering the glare of harsh sunlight and damaging UV rays.

Timber Look “Evergrain” Venetians

If you need to cover a window that is subject to damp, wet conditions or high levels of humidity, custom timber-look venetian blinds may be the perfect solution for your windows.
Equally effective in areas of high heat or direct sunlight, timber-look venetian blinds add a new dimension of hard wearing
You can choose between 50mm or 63mm slat size and you also have the options of “No Holes” which ensures easier cleaning and replacement of blades if required.

Aluminum Shutters

Ideal for outdoor use - High UV powder coated finish - Maintenance free - Strong & durable - Locks optional - 90mm size blade

Linked Roller Blinds

Linked roller blinds are a perfect solution for extra wide windows that cannot be covered with one blind as linked blinds can be using one chain control or separate control. Linked roller blinds reduce light gaps between adjacent blinds.

Aluminium Venetians

Slimline - The 25mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds have been one of the most effective ways to control light while still creating privacy within a room.

50mm - The 50mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds are ideal for larger openings whilst they still give the same feel as Slimline Venetians.

Hold down clips are available on request to hold down the blind and restrict movement.