Windsor BLINDS & AWNINGS (Windsor Products Pty Ltd) is a locally owned Newcastle based window furnishing manufacturer and supplier of more than 66 years. Established by Mr B.J Young in 1946 after he returned from World War II where he was a member of the RAAF. He felt he needed to give a patriotic tribute to Britain and named his business after Windsor Castle and the Royal Family. And Windsor Wonderworld (now Windsor Products Pty Ltd) was formed.

Windsor became a name nationally accepted as the leader in the Blind Industry. Windsor is in the “Top 10″ of its field in Australia. In 1967, Windsor Products Pty Ltd was the first in Newcastle with the now famous 25mm Invi sorama “Slimline” Venetian. Windsor patented the design of the Steel Curved Venetian Blind Slat and became the first blind manufacturer to use Terylene cables and tapes. This put Windsor at the forefront of design and technology in blind manufacturing. With the installation of a state-of-the-art Venetian Blind making machine in 1982, Windsor went from strength to strength, forging a lucrative market in Venetian blinds. This machine brought with it enormous customer benefits – particularly in terms of production output, economy and order processing, Windsor embarked on a new stage in history.

Windsor’s success and progress is largely attributed to dedication to customer service. Windsor’s policy combines quality of products, value for money and above all personal service allowing for complete satisfaction for customers.

Windsor uses only the best standard of componentry and materials, specifically designed for the Australian Environment. This ensures a long lasting, quality product which is backed with the Windsor Warranty. Always recognising the best interest of the customer. Windsor has kept and will continue to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments, ideas, technologies, trends and services standards that we are known for.