Automatic Awnings + System 2000


Automatic Awnings are the perfect choice for close fitting to windows on the ground floor or onto a balcony due to its minimal projection.

The close-fitting design of the versatile and attractive Automatic Awning makes it an excellent choice for ground floor windows, offering the benefits of optimum privacy and sun protection. Easy function, self-locking arms enable simple shade adjustment, and when the sun goes down, the awning may be rolled away neatly into the head box.

The awning hood is available in a range of colors to allow for design integration with the exterior of your home and also assists in the protection of the fabric from the weather when not in use.

A large variety of fabrics and colors to choose from.


Product Variations

The Automatic Awnings is available in two models
• Standard Lock Arm Awning
• System 2000 Lock Arm Awning