36mm Extruded Roller Shutters


Our 36mm Widespan roller shutters are made with precision extruded roller shutter profile.
It is suitable for many commercial and industrial grade applications such as shop fronts, warehouses, clubs, pubs & hotels but can also be used for domestic use where high security is required.

Only using the best of available materials and options we can ensure your safety with these roller shutters.


Colour Options

• Cream
• Clear Beige
• White
• Black
• Anodised Silver (Profiles only)
• Other powder coated options at additional cost

Control Options

• Spring Loaded with Key Lock
• Steel Cable Winder (up to 50kg)

• Remote Control with Solar Smart Automation 12V motor
• Wall Switch (Hard Wired) with 240V electric motor
• Remote Control with 240 electric motor
• Key Switch with 240V electric motor
• Crank Handle with electric manual override motor.


Product Specifications

• Maximum Shutter Width 5000mm (with Winged Slat Locks)
• Maximum Shutter Height 3000mm
• Maximum Surface Area 12m2
• Number Of Slats/Metre 28
• Profile Slat Covering 36mm
• Profile Slat Thickness 9.7mm
• Axle Types Octagonal Steel
• Bottom Bar Dimensions 55mm x 8.5mm
• Guide Dimensions 68mm x 25mm/14mm
• Paint Finish High Quality Powder Coat Finish