Panel Glides


Perfect for large glazed areas, Panel Glide is ideally suited to modern home design and commercial applications. Panel Glide features flat panels of fabric attached to a simple head rail track system using roller-mounted carriers, light and easy to operate the fabric panels are drawn sideways using a wand operation.
The track system offers a choice of stacking configurations and come in White, Brushed Aluminium and Black. They can be stacked either left of right, alternatively they can also be split drawn for full customisation. Offering individual fabric panels up to 1200mm depending on the fabric. Panel Glide system can be used as a stylish window covering or as a room divider.
The fabric panel overlap is 45mm to minimise the light gap for the fabric application, the spline method is used to ensure clean, straight lines with no fabric puckering. All panels feature a superior quality finish with welded pockets and no side hems.


Product Variations

  • Blockout

    Blockout fabrics provide the ultimate privacy both day and night. Our blockout fabrics are available in range of monochromatic shades and contemporary textures.

  • Light Filtering

    Light Filtering fabrics provide medium to high levels of privacy, but do not provide complete blockout. Light filtering fabrics are available in a range of opacity's and textures providing a delicate filtered light.

  • Sunscreen

    Sunscreen fabrics provide good day time privacy, but low night time privacy. This factor, along with the specific openness factor of the sunscreen should be kept in mind when selecting a sunscreen product.

  • Fabric Range: Louvolite

    We use Louvelite's fabric range so you can browse their samples here: Fabric Samples