Roman Blinds


Our Roman Blinds are a special treat, a veritable slice of elegance available for your own home. Romans, unlike our roller blinds, are designed to fold over timber battens offering a sleeker design to your windows

Each of our Roman Blinds come with a great deal of extras, including various fabric colours to an Aluminium Back Extrusion to make the track glide smooth. We don't sew into the fabric so you won't get any unsightly holes in the fabric, especially for Blockout fabrics where it makes the most difference.



  • Blockout

    Blockout is the ultimate fabric when it comes to sun protection and privacy. Disallowing UV rays to penetrate whilst also keeping unwanted eyes from peering in is what you can expect by choosing these blinds.

  • Light Filtering

    Imagine a big pair of sunglasses over your window and that's pretty much light filtering. Allowing only a small amount of light in so you can still light up a room without getting burnt from the sun's harmful rays.

  • Fabric Range: Louvolite

    We use Louvelite's fabric range so you can browse their samples here: Fabric Samples

Optional Extras

  • Aluminium Back Extrusion

    With this feature, opening and closing the blinds becomes much easier. This will greatly lessen the chances that the blinds will get caught, giving it a smooth ride with every pull of the cord. Only available in a maximum width of 2500mm.

  • Operation

    There are two types of operation for Roman Blinds. Cord operation or chain system, with chains coming in black, white or brushed aluminium.