Solar Smart Roller Shutters


Our new range of Solar Roller Shutters, SolarSmart™, is the most advanced technology in solar powered roller shutter automation in Australasia.

SolarSmart™ is a greener and smarter way to automate roller shutters. Independent of mains power and no hard wiring , SolarSmart™ harnesses the suns energy through solar cells (ideally positioned on the roof facing north, and in direct sunlight), which charges a concealed battery system that in turn powers a DC motor for automation. The SolarSmart™ system is controlled via a specialized wireless remote control transmitter.

SolarSmart™ offers an easier, more cost effective, environmental and efficient way to operate roller shutters, and is a much easier way to install roller shutters.

The SolarSmart™ alternative can be installed on all our roller shutters.

Features and Benefits

Product Specifications (Features)

• Completely solar powered
• Green energy
• Environmentally friendly
• Saves money on energy cost
• No drilling through walls or 240V hard wiring
• No need for electrician
• Completely integrated system with concealed battery in shutter pelmet
• Remote control operated
• Smooth electronic operation
• Designed in Australia


Technical Specifications

• Maximum Surface Area 12m2 roll formed profile
7.5m2 extruded profile
• Minimum Shutter Width 500mm
• Maximum Shutter Weight 50kg
• Maximum Axle Diameter Octagonal 70mml
• Solar Panel Size 475mm x 75mm x 18mm
• Battery Size 450mm x 28mm
• Power Supply 12V
• Radio Remote Frequency 433.4Mhz
• Radio Remote Range 200m in free field