Traditional Roller Blinds


Our traditional Roller Blinds are a staple product at Windsor Blinds, with it's timeless look never going out of fashion. Each Roller Blind comes with your choice in fabric so you can keep out the sun and strangers, dull the light entering so you can still see out comfortably.


Blockout Blinds

The most recognizable Roller Blind by far, Blockout is the perfect choice for those that want total privacy coupled with temperature insulation and 100% UV Protection.

Sunscreen Blinds

Perfect for the Australian environment, Sunscreen allows you to still see outside whilst guarding the inside from the heat and harsh UV from the Aussie sun.

Linked Roller Blinds

Designed for extremely wide windows, Linked Rollers are most suitable for conference rooms with large windows, or rooms overlooking a large, open space.


All Roller Blinds have the option of being motorised in a variety of ways, from wall mounted controls to a battery operated remote.