Canopy Awnings

Canopy Awnings are a great choice when it comes to awnings for a store front, as well as for a window that you may frequent. With a welcoming design and multiple fabrics they can be outfitted with whatever style that pleases you. They come in a variety of styles and colours as outlined below.

External Aluminium Shutters

Traditional European styled shutters are the fastest growing interior decor fashion statement for the best dressed homes.

Increase the value of your home with beautifully crafted and installed shutters of your choice.

Our shutters are professionally made to suit all window types, sizes and shapes. Bi-Folds – Hinged – Sliders – Bay Windows

Large range of colours available to compliment your interior or exterior decor

Bi-Folds – Hinged – Sliders – Bay Windows

See brochure under “Downloads”

Roller Shutters

Our Roller shutters will not only keep you comfortable in the summer blaze, but it will keep you safe from anyone who would target your home. Durable and easy to use, with various usage methods such as manual for a simple and basic method, SolarSmart if you wish to motorise them and still save on power or PowerSmart with doesn't require any electricians, simply charge the batteries and you're set to go.

Automatic Awnings + System 2000

Automatic Awnings are the perfect choice for close fitting to windows on the ground floor or onto a balcony due to its minimal projection.

The close-fitting design of the versatile and attractive Automatic Awning makes it an excellent choice for ground floor windows, offering the benefits of optimum privacy and sun protection. Easy function, self-locking arms enable simple shade adjustment, and when the sun goes down, the awning may be rolled away neatly into the head box.

The awning hood is available in a range of colors to allow for design integration with the exterior of your home and also assists in the protection of the fabric from the weather when not in use.

A large variety of fabrics and colors to choose from.

Pivot Arm Awnings (System 2000)

System 2000 Pivot Arm Awnings are ideal for shading a huge variety of windows. Pivot Arm Awnings shade the window yet allow the air to flow around it which makes them ideal for those hard to reach windows. They can be operated internally or externally via cord lock, winch or motor.

Pivot Arm Awnings are ideal for high level or second storey buildings. They can be fitted close to the window or extended, to offer optimum privacy and maximum protection from the sun.

Fabric choices: Canvas, Acrylic and Mesh.

Folding Arm Awnings

Folding arm awnings are ideal as a roll away cover for a patio, deck, balcony or commercial applications such as restaurants. With a folding arm awning you can create an outdoor room that protects against the sun or light rain.
In folding arm awnings the arms fold horizontally instead of vertically as in other awnings. Our folding arm awnings are cantilevered out from the wall so one is able to walk around underneath the awning without walking into the arms and no intrusive posts. When the awning is retracted the space is free of any structure.
Windsor offers a large range of folding arm awnings which are described in detail below.

Titan Series

A classic of the series which utilises the best technology and getting the maximum use out of outdoor areas.
The Family Basic combines a stylish design with high quality materials and sleek construction, with max. 11m width and max. 4m extension, this design is suitable for any area.

This awning comes in two models

  • Titan Standard - No Hood or Fabric Cover
  • Titan Forte Semi Cassette - With Rain Hood and Fabric Cover
  • Tital Flex - With Rain Hood, Fabric Cover and Adjustable Pitch

Millennium Full-Cassette

The Millennium is a low profile full cassette awning which incorporates advanced German engineering. The fully enclosed cassette design provides optimal protection for the system while providing an aesthetic appearance to match in to the surrounds of modern architecture. The low profile of this awning makes it stand out from other cassette awnings in a class of its own.
A clever cover shell offers an elegant solution for concealing the fabric roller, making the system subtler when not in use.
An adjustable bracket ensures that the front profile is always vertical. A special mechanism ensures reliable positive closing when the awning is retracted.
An innovative new arm bracket of extruded, high-strength aluminium alloy provides a high level of stability against side winds when the awning is fully extended.

Canopy Awning Reskins/Recovers

Reskin/Recover Only using existing customers frames

A wide variety of fabrics and colors to choose from with canvas probably the most popular for these awnings.
We work close with local sign writers for the commercial applications.

The skin can be made out of canvas, acrylic or PVC fabrics, with PVC offering both waterproofness and stability of surface (when compared to canvas and acrylic fabrics).

Window Awnings

Window awnings are the perfect attachment for covering windows,doors to prevent weather penetration. With a wide array of shapes to choose from, we cover different styles using our unique hinge beam weather bar systems.

The awnings can be mounted from fascia or wall.

Please look at the individual shapes of our window awning range.

Kingston Awnings

An aluminum awning style with panels in a vertical direction. They are waterproof, and available in a wide range of colors, and either with or without posts supports, making it a versatile option for covering anything from a small window or doorway, to a large terrace area.

Motorised Retractable Pergolas

The range of architectural retractable pergolas and roof systems are suitable for use in any weather conditions, for a large range of residential and commercial applications. Whether it’s a retractable pergola for your backyard, courtyard or deck that you’re looking for, or a custom made roof system to meet the needs of a restaurant, bar or commercial project, there is a model to suit.


“Classic” Roller Shutters

Our “classic” roller shutters are not really so classic. They offer control over light, heat, cold and ensures a better security for your family.

With a wide selection of colours to choose from together with foam filled slats and use of the best components and highest quality aluminium coils and extrusions available we believe you will be satisfied with your new roller shutters.


Our track guided blind system has specially designed slotted tracks in which the blind glides smoothly and easily, stopping at any position. The blind can be secured and locked in the down position to guard against winds and UV – no zippers or buckles required, it’s that simple.

You can choose between Mesh and Clear/Tinted PVC

The mesh is optimal for use as a wind and sun buffer as well as acting as an insect screen so your privacy is assured

The PVC on the other hand is perfect against harsh weather, with it's ability to also keep out rain as well as providing a clear view outside on top of everything else, making them perfect for a patio or deck.

Straight Drop Awnings

Designed for outdoor entertaining areas, Straight Drop Awnings are ideal for enclosing your balcony or pergola for relaxing shade and total privacy. Straight Drop Awnings are easy to raise and lower with winch control or motorisation.

You can choose between Mesh and Clear/Tinted PVC

Cantilevered Awnings

Flat window awnings offer the traditional modern look. The window awning system allows the awnings to be set at any angle. The rear receiving channel is affixed and the awning simply clicks in and fastened. You can set the awning to any pitch to suit your needs. The awnings come in the following projections of 960mm, 1160mm, 1450mm and 1600mm. When you need an awning greater than this, you will need to go to a patio cover.

The awnings come in a variety of colour choices where you can mix and match. There are five (5) sheet choices of 8mm twin walled polycarbonate and four (4) aluminum joining bar colors. However, for an extra charge, we are able to powder coat to any special colour.

Louvelux Awnings

The Louvrelux awnings were specifically designed to create the passive solar shading that louvres provide. The Louvrelux awnings are made from high grade aluminium and the slats are laser cut into the perimeter beams to rule out any ugly joins or cuts.

These can also be used as window shade mounted horizontally.