Venetian Blinds

Nothing rivals the classic good looks and value of Venetian blinds for almost any home.
Durable, stylish and energy efficient, Windsor can custom create and install a wide range of timber venetian blinds, timber-look venetian blinds and aluminum venetian blinds.
Large range of colours available to compliment your interior or exterior decor.

Available in:

Wood Nature PVC Venetians

Wood Nature Venetians are the perfect choice if you want the look of real wood coupled with the quality and durability necessary to withstand a wet or damp environment, making them perfect for bathroom and laundry rooms where moisture is at it's thickest.
They are easy to maintain since they are made from polystyrene as opposed to real timber so it won't crack or warp and won't need to be re-stained, instead requiring only a damp cloth to wipe them down.

Aluminium Venetians

Aluminium Shutters are a modern choice with a sleek design, giving it a professional appeal for commercial purposes and a modern touch for any residential address. They come in 2 different styles as well as being flexible, allowing you to peek outside without the hassle of opening the whole blind, which in turn makes them quite durable.