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A: Interior blinds provide a stylistic change, as well as several advantages over curtains. Both would help keep your home more private, however, slatted blinds, such as Venetians, give you an extra option. You can angle them half-open to maintain privacy while still allowing natural light and partial views. Additionally, blinds are generally more effective against the outdoor climate. Only specially designed curtains can compete against blinds as a sun blocker. Blinds are also more likely to stay in place when the breezes blow, whereas a curtain might very well be blown in all directions. Most blinds will allow fresh air in while still maintaining privacy.

A: This would vary, depending on the type of blinds you order—from a couple of days for some blinds, to several weeks for others. When you order your blinds, we’ll be able to give you a timeframe right then and there.

A: Blinds can be installed within the window frame so they fit flush. You can also have your blinds mounted above the window, standing proud of the wall. Typically, inside-mounted blinds result in the sleekest look. Some types of blinds are suited to one mounting method but not the other. When our team handles your installation, we will take care of all aspects to make sure you get the durability and the look you’re after.

A: You should measure your windows instead. For blinds mounted above the window, measure height and width of the exterior edges of your window frames. For inside mounting, measure the interior height and width of the window. The safest option, if you’re in the Newcastle area, would be to use our free measure and quote service.